February 9, 2016

under construction

hi guys, remember me?

I warned you this blog was going to be down for a bit, but I'm back and ready to go. I realized during this downtime that I really do miss blogging. Even if I am rambling on about nothing and no one ever reads it, I really enjoy my little corner of the internets. 

i'm working on some design changes so don't mind if its a little messy round here for a bit. html and css are not my strength but I'm determined to figure it out. 

and while things haven't changed allllll that much in life, i feel like i have turned a new page. i've set some new goals and am going after them with all my heart. that's why i sorta love having my birthday and new years be in the same week. new year, new age, new goals. so here is to twenty sixteen and twenty four being my best. cause after all the best things take time, right? 

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