all about it

hola, bonjour, welcome, whatever.
i'm b.
it's really brynn. but i'll answer to brynnie, brynns, brynners, brynder dairy.
really anything you might come up with.
long brown mermaid hair, brown eyes.
dirty diet coke with crunchy ice is my drink of choice. preferably with a chewed straw.
i've never met a donut i didn't like.
wanna be my best friend? bring me a donut and a dc and i will love you forever.
imma lowercase letter lover.
connection is everything and my friends and my family are the most important people in my world.
my moo is my mom and she is my best friend && i have yet to find anyone i love as much as i do her.
im a mormon. i know it, i live it, i love it.
i am an avid lover of baseball.
those boys in navy pinstripes have my heart. especially number 2.
i have an obsession with one direction & i am not ashamed. at all.
i like most all kinds of music.
i could eat cafe rio or chipotle for every meal.
i love wearing red lipstick.
i have a girl crush on lc and jlaw.
i cry lots. both happy & sad. its my favorite release.
i love salt in the air & sand in my hair.
palm trees & 80 degrees. saltwater cures any problem.
i belong in california & im gonna make it happen someday.
i love to work out, but don't always do it.
i can't wait to be somebody's mrs, but i do love my single life (most the time).
i am my dogs best friend.
im a goal getter. always setting new ones and love crossing them off even more. #goalcrushing
i love lists and have a strange obsession with school supplies. 
i love to smile

welcome. i'm glad you're here. stay and chug a while. 



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